About Us!

The DC Chapter was chartered in 1952 as one of the original CPCU society chapters. Over the years, we have accomplished many things. The most noteworthy include donating tens of thousands of scholarship funds to worthy students majoring in Insurance or Actuarial studies at Howard University, regularly participating in Good Works in the community, including KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) events, and our annual toy drive and cash donations to benefit the Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign.  

We have conducted in person and virtual events for fellowship and education, including CE events, Capital I Day, happy hours after work, and our annual CPCU Conferment Ceremony and Holiday Luncheon.  

The DC Chapter has close relationships and collaborations with other insurance groups in the area, such as MWAIIA, Potomac RIMS, and the Maryland CPCU Chapter.  With COVID, we have expanded our reach to other Chapters, as we pivoted to expand our online presence with educational webinars to help meet the needs of our members and surrounding community.

Below is a list of our past Chapter Presidents, to whom we are forever grateful for their service to our chapter.


Thank you to our past leadership!

District of Columbia Chapter Past Presidents

1952--Alfred E. Lampe                                 1991--Karen Geldner

1953--Eugene E. Fields                                1992--Kevin Quinley

1954--Henry A. Kroll                                     1993--Brenda Ewing

1955--Henry A. Kroll                                     1994--Thomas Konopka

1956--Gordon D. McLean                              1995--Mary Ann Modrowski

1957--H.T. Beuermann                                  1996--Daniel Coughlin, III

1958--H.T. Beuermann                                  1997--Deborah Bindeman

1959--Lowell E. Seim                                    1998--Terry Mullen

1960--Walter D. Neighbors                            1999--Doug Mathews

1961--Robert Oxenham                                 2000--Debbie Lambert

1962--Moris W. Wells                                    2000--Stanley Lipshultz

1963--Louis E. Dwyer                                    2001--James D. Mizell

1964--Clifford J. Jeffries                                2002--Stanley Lipshultz

1965--William G. McHenry                             2003--Peter J. Elliott

1966--J. Randolph Dunnavant                        2003--Peter J. Elliott

1967--Jay P. Robinson                                   2004--P. Allen Haney

1968--Charles Trubac                                    2005--P. Allen Haney

1969--Stanley S.  DeRisio                              2006--Margaret Schruender

1970--Alexander Kiorpes                                2007--Timothy Wander

1971--Jerome J. Harris                                   2008-- Siu F.Y. Poon

1972--Joseph A. Ellis                                      2009--Kathryn D. Jacobson

1973--James W. Delaney, Jr.                           2010--Maria Hall

1974--Daniel Lamanna                                    2010--David Ng

1975--C. Donn Ainslie                                     2011--David Ng

1976--L. Rodger Williams                                2012--Susan Scott

1977--John deWalt Willard                               2013--Susan Scott

1978--Harry D. Fegley                                     2014--Diana Franklin

1979--Joseph L. Burke                                    2015--Mark Baldwin

1980--Patrick Mullins                                      2016--Ellina Kuper

1981--James J. Gibbons                                 2017--Diana Franklin

1982--Evelyn S. Kerper                                   2018--Angelica Pueblo

1983--William P. Simons, III                            2018--Debra McKibben

1984--Paul A. Sullivan                                    2019--Debra McKibben

1985—H. David Kroll                                      2020—Brandon Perry

1986--Marla J. Goodwin                                  2021—Mary Winicour

1987--James J. Chastain

1988--Vincent “Chip” Boylan

1989--Theodore W. Stippich

1990--Edwin D. Pierce, Jr